Paying the price for free movement of people uncertainty after Brexit

It has been almost two years since the British citizens opted to leave the EU. Ever since, the UK Government has been trying to get the right deal with for its country. However, although setting a deadline of two years to negotiate the right deal with the Commission, and the fact that there is just under a year left with no concrete format of what approach the UK Government are taking, which causes an ongoing uncertainty on policies such as immigration and passport rights.

As a British tech entrepreneur, these sorts of news are not pleasant hence there is a reason why there are a many of them looking to strengthen their businesses in mainland Europe.

There are reports of leading payments technology companies establishing offices/ applying for regulatory licenses outside of the UK due to concerns about hiring staff and accessing clients after Britain leaves the EU.

A soft Brexit approach will be ideal for business and the UK. However, that cannot be guaranteed due to the fact that it raises a lot of concerns about how those businesses will service customers and how they can make sure that they are bringing the best talent into their organisation.

The direction in which the Brexit negotiation is heading, alarms a lot question and uncertainty of whether Brexit will affect tech industry abilities to hire highly skilled coders/ doing business in the EU.

Despite all of the negative circulation with the Brexit negotiation, the heads of British Government have proposed new solution to tackle migration for life after Brexit. Those solution includes broadening visas requirements for exceptional talents.

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