B2EU Consulting Forms Partnership With The Bassiouni Group

B2EU Consulting, a Brussels-based consulting firm specializing in European Union (EU) Funding, Public Affairs, and Advocacy has formalised partnership by signing the MoU with The Bassiouni Group (TBG), a leading Global Development firm specialising in Advisory, Trade & Investment solutions for emerging/frontier markets.

The MoU establishes the framework for a joint initiative to expand their geographical operations and provide a broader suite of services encompassing Global Business Development (North America-EU and EU-Emerging/Frontier Markets), International Development, Public Affairs and Advocacy. As a first step, the firms will launch B2Brexit (http://www.b2brexit.com), an innovative Brexit advisory service for British, European, and North American companies impacted by Brexit. The MoU between TBG and B2EU Consulting is the strategic connection with the North American Market.

B2EU is already well established consulting company advising clients around the EMEA region. We are following market and international development trends while trying to offer to best service to our clients. With our presence around the EU and the rest of the EMEA region we have noticed a substantial gap with not having a developed USA presence. United States remain one of the most important international development leaders and a home of numerous IFO and international organizations. Our goal is to increase our presence through partnership with the TBG and to offer better service to all of our clients


For more information don’t hesitate to contact us via email info@b2eu-consulting.com or visit our B2Brexit Webpage www.b2brexit.com